Viprofil 20 Review: An Unknown ED Drug that Needs Approval from Patients

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Brand: Viprofil 20

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Vipro Lifescience

Country of Manufacture: India

Viprofil 20 Package Image

Review and Description

Viprofil 20 is one of the generic Levitra ED drugs that you can find on the market today. This ED medicine also contains Vardenafil as its main ingredient. It differs in look, color, and price with a branded Levitra but the effect is impeccably the same (according to its manufacturer).

Viprofil 20 just happened to be one of those generic Levitra drugs trying to make a name for itself. A few minutes of searching on Google revealed very few information about this drug. It seems like this medicine is not available worldwide and that it has a limited presence in the market. What we know though is that Viprofil 20 works like a real Levitra, it helps the penile muscle relax in order for users to gain harder and longer erection during sexual activity.

Vipro Lifescience is the manufacturer of Viprofil 20. Vipro Lifescience is part of V Worldwide Group. V Worldwide Group is a company in India that has operations involving pharmaceutical products, beverages, food, construction, infrastructure, interior designs, architecture service and others. Vipro Lifescience focuses on exporting pharmaceutical products for V Worldwide Group. They have clients outside of India and their mechanized plant used in producing and manufacturing medicines are all ISO 9001:2000 certified, WHO GMP approved, and HACCP as per EU certified. Aside from Viprofil 20, this pharma house also produces antibiotic, vitamins and minerals, and herbal products.

Customer Reviews

Viprofil 20 is an unfamiliar ED drug. When we searched for it online, we found a few related results than some generic ones. This only shows that this ED drug is not something that you can find easily. With its lack of market, comes its lack of customer reviews. We assume that this ED drug doesn’t have many users hence we were unable to find any feedback about its reliability and efficacy.

Products with no customer reviews are the ones harder to trust. Who would use an ED medicine that no one has used yet? If we have to purchase an ED drug, we will always go with ED medicines with customer reviews!

Pricing and Dosage

Viprofil 20 is obtainable in two formulations, a 20mg, and 40mg dosage. This is one of the largest dosages for Vardenafil that we found as most generic Levitra drugs come with 20mg Vardenafil only.

 For its large dosage, we were surprised to see that it only costs

For its large dosage, we were surprised to see that it only costs $1.70 per tablet. This generic Levitra is one of the cheapest ED medicines that we found online. For its price, we end up wondering why it has not many buyers. Well, the market presence plays a big role we guess.

How to Buy Viprofil 20 Online

Due to its limited market presence, buying Viprofil 20 online is not an easy feat. We tried to check it with our trusted internet drugstores and failed to find it on their list. Perhaps Vipro Lifescience needs to work on their marketing strategy to make this ED drug more accessible to all.

If you are in need of a generic Levitra medicine and wants something that is proven to be effective without costing too much, check this product from the following e-stores:

In these links, there are different generic Levitra ED drugs that you can seriously consider since Viprofil 20 is not obtainable.

How to Use

Viprofil 20 is available in tablet form. Do not take this medicine with a heavy meal because it can delay the reaction of the drug. Take it at least an hour before you start with your planned sexual activity. This medicine works well within the first 4 to 6 hours so make sure that you are sexually stimulated during these hours.

Side Effects

Taking any medicine have side effects especially if you are not aware of the formulations that a certain medicine contains. Before taking any drug, make sure to check with your doctor first if it is safe for you. Still, even with a tested medicine, you can still expect a few side effects.

For users of Viprofil 20 and Vardenafil, you can expect to experience some headaches and back pains while on this medicine. Such side effects can last for few hours but should disappear without needing to take any medicine. Other side effects that you might encounter include hearing and vision loss, chest pains, dizziness, feeling weak especially in the muscles, and having symptoms of heart attack.

Continuing side effects must be reported to your doctor. In case of experiencing any of these side effects severely, stop taking Viprofil 20 immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Viprofil 20 is an ED medicine from India. it is one of the generic Levitra drugs that you can find online. It is a product of Vipro Lifescience, a branch of V Worldwide Group. This is a large company that works not only in drugs trade but also in other industries such as Architect Services, Food & Beverages, Project Management Consultants, Infrastructure & Construction, and Interior & Designs.

Viprofil 20 is one of those ED medicines that you can find online but is hard to obtain. The availability of this medicine is limited and is only sold in selected markets. Despite claiming that they export their products, Vipro Lifescience is still unable to establish Viprofil 20 as a trusted ED medicine in the market. To date, Viprofil 20 remains to be unknown with no customer reviews. For these reasons, we are giving Viprofil 20 a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. This drug still has a lot to prove in order for people to believe it and use it.

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