Trust Pharmacy Review – A Network Worthy of its Name

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Trust Pharmacy is an example of an online drugstore network. These networks are called as such because they are made up of different online pharmacies with various web addresses but are the same visually. Networks like Trust Pharmacy are legitimate and are just like their online drugstore counterparts—they only differ from the independent online drugstores in terms of order processing. Unlike independent online drugstores, all members of a specific web drugstore network forward buyer orders to a single processing system—this means that the basic function of websites involved in a drugstore network is mainly to collect buyer orders or traffic and not actually “process” them.

There is little risk to using drugstore networks like Trust Pharmacy since they are legitimate and safe to use. However, the snag comes in the form of scammers replicating the otherwise valid websites and making clients believe that their replica stores are the real deal. Because of this, customers are encouraged to make sure that the drugstores they are using are genuine so they avoid running into scam sites that steal money and sensitive credit card information.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Reviews are significant especially when it comes to evaluating online pharmacy performance. Network drugstores are evaluated according to buyer reception through reviews, that’s why we referred to customer testimonials discussing the overall performance of specific Trust Pharmacy websites:

Trust Pharmacy Customer Reviews

All of the Trust Pharmacy buyers had excellent experiences with the stores. Customers had no problem communicating their pleasure of using the store, like Smith from the United Kingdom, who wrote that he had an excellent experience with the Trust Pharmacy store he used.

Dorothy, a user from Europe, mentioned that he experienced excellent service from the Trust Pharmacy support team. According to her, she was assisted with her needs and was presented with the best-priced medicines that helped her gain more value for her money.

Trust Pharmacy’s excellent customer support also resonated with Samuel’s needs—according to him, Trust Pharmacy customer support informed him constantly of his order’s progress. Samuel used Trust Pharmacy for the past years because of its reliability.

Apart from these customer reviews, there were more buyer testimonials attesting to the good service rendered them by the Trust Pharmacy stores.

Trust Pharmacy Online

The Trust Pharmacy stores were incepted in 2001, denoting the network’s years of expertise when it comes to marketing generic and brand name treatments for various medical uses. As proof of its dependability when it comes to catering to buyer orders, the Trust Pharmacy network featured accreditations from renowned organizations like the CIPA and the MIPA, which are two Canadian organizations keen on helping buyers identify legitimate online drugstores. Having certifications from these two groups indicate that Trust Pharmacy stores are a cut above the rest and are performing according to local and international pharmacy standards.

Trust Pharmacy Website

Medicines on Trust Pharmacy stores are neatly arranged according to the medical conditions they serve. Buyers do not have to know the exact generic or brand name of the product they need—they can find their medicines just by searching according to their medical conditions.

As for the medicines sold by the Trust Pharmacy stores, the most popular ones in the shop include treatments for impotence, hair loss, fertility, asthma, and several others. Most of the products found on Trust Pharmacy are affordable due to their generic status and also because Trust Pharmacy is able to source medicines directly from the drug manufacturers.

Prescriptions are not required on Trust Pharmacy, but the shops encourage the customers to consult their doctors before using any of the products bought from stores involved with the network.

With regards to shipping, Trust Pharmacy stores only ask for a minimum $10 fee. This shipping rate is standard regardless of the destination country of the orders. For a faster shipping option (9 days instead of 21 days), buyers may opt for the express EMS option, which costs $20.

Refunds and reshipments are granted by Trust Pharmacy stores as long as the buyers contact the support team in the case of concerns. Returns, however, are not granted, considering international policies prohibiting the return of Rx products.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Trust Pharmacy offers special discounts for its buyers, just like the deal featured below:

Trust Pharmacy Special Offer

According to the banner, customers may purchase 10 Viagra 100 mg and 10 Cialis 20 mg pills for only as low as $46.16 instead of their original prices.

Besides this deal though, the Trust Pharmacy stores also offer free pills, bulk order discounts, and free shipping, as long as the buyers are able to satisfy the requirements for these offers.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Trust Pharmacy stores have a dedicated contact page where buyers may use to message the pharmacies. However, these stores have also advertised their numbers in case the clients want to talk to their customer specialists for issues concerning the products and their orders.

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Although spam and scam activities are common on the web, shops with the Trust Pharmacy seal are not involved in these kinds of ruckuses. Buyers may rest assured that the Trust Pharmacy network stores are reliable and will deliver their orders and will only send them the best and genuine products.


Trust Pharmacy is an online drugstore network incepted in 2001. It has certifications from renowned organizations like the CIPA and the MIPA from Canada and has acquired plenty of positive reviews from its consumers. While most online pharmacies tend to scam clients, shops involved with this network are absolutely trustworthy and therefore deserving of the name “Trust Pharmacy”. We endorse the use of this network shop because of its reliability and the quality of its products and service. Our verdict: 5 out of 5.

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