Securetabs Review: Online’s Top Supplier of Affordable Generic Medicine

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Securetabs began selling medicines in the late 90s in Canada as a small-time drugstore. When the era of internet bloom in the early 2000s, they became one of the pioneers in running a pharmacy online. They established the Securetabs online pharmacy under the name Canadian Pharmacy Ltd in 2001. 17 years since then, Securetabs has grown and has become a chain of online drugstores that offer affordable generic medicines to their worldwide customers.

As a network of internet pharmacies, Securetabs e-stores are similar in some manners such as the design of their website, the way they process an order, the prices of the medicines they offer, and the available perks for grab. Some people who are not familiar with network pharmacies think that these are cloned websites but they are not. One good that we can say about network pharmacies is that these are established online drugstores with established policies and conditions without taking advantage of their customers.

Securetabs Reviews

Finding an international drugstore online to refill a prescription can be challenging. A research conducted by the FDA revealed that at least 96% of the total online pharmacies in the world are fake. It means that only 4% are reliable and can be trusted. With this data, how would you know if you are dealing with an e-store in hope of being medicated without spending too much? Our answer is – you should read customer reviews! Customers reviews are one of the best pool of information that you can use in determining if you are dealing with a legit store or not.

Securetabs Reputation

With a quick research about Securetabs and its customers’ reviews, we were able to pin at least 4 reviews. These reviews were shared by Sarah from Spain, Piter from Italy, Barbara from Sweden and Jacob from France.

In a gist, their experiences with Securetabs can be summarized in this way:

  • Securetabs has a team of courteous customer service representatives
  • Securetabs offers high-quality generic medicines
  • Securetabs deliver on time
  • Securetabs leaves their customer with 100% satisfaction
  • Securetabs offer fast service with their easy to use website

With all the positive feedbacks we are reading from Securetabs, it is no wonder that most of their customers are actually saying that they will reorder soon from Securetabs.

Securetabs Online

There are pros and cons of ordering medications online. Refilling your prescription with Securetabs means you no longer have to drive to the nearest drugstore to get your medicine. It also means saving gas and time. Also, ordering online is more convenient for people who don’t want to have a checkup but needs an Rx medicine.

With all the positive things that you can get if you will order online, why do you need to be cautious when doing so? The thing is not all online pharmacies are legit online pharmacies. Ordering from an illegitimate online drugstore can lead to a possibility of receiving fake or substandard medicines and the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Before ordering online, check for reviews, ratings, address, and a working phone numbers just to be on the safe side.

Securetabs Design for its Websites

The website of Securetabs has a very user-friendly design. If you want to order a medicine, you can click on the category where it belongs and just choose the medicine you need (eg: Erectile dysfunction – Viagra). There is also a search box that you can use in case you already know the name of the drug you need.

All orders from Securetabs can be paid with a credit card. Before making a payment, check if there are available coupon codes that you can use. Just add the coupon code and click on apply to get an additional discount. Prior to processing your payment, you can also opt to have your order delivered via EMS or Airmail shipping. EMS costs $19.95 while Airmail costs $9.95. Airmail delivery takes up to 21 days while EMS takes up to 8 business days. This does not include the processing and packaging time which is 1-2 days upon payment confirmation.

All orders are eligible for a refund as Securetabs offer 100% money back guarantee. If your order is missing or incomplete, you should report it immediately so that the support team can investigate and make an action immediately.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

Before ordering, we always check for the price before making upon checkout. If an online pharmacy will offer discounts or coupon codes, then it would be better. After checking the offers of Securetabs, we are in luck to find a new coupon code that the store just released – IT-4752.aa

Securetabs Deal

IT-4752 will give you a 10% discount if you will use it at checkout. Just put in the coupon code on the voucher box, at the checkout page. Click on apply and wait for your discount to be applied to the total bill. Once the changes have appeared, you can go ahead and complete your order’s payment.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

Securetabs Customer Service Numbers

Securetabs can be reached in two possible ways. The first one is by calling them at 4420 3239 7092 of you are in the UK area or by dialing 718 487 9792 if you are in the US area. If you are not residing in the said countries, the best option for you is to contact Securetabs thru their contact us page.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

Securetabs customers do not have to worry about their privacy after giving their email address and phone number during the ordering process. Such information is kept private by the website and they do not disclose or sell it to marketing websites. Securetabs do not support spamming so you shouldn’t be receiving any spam emails or calls from Securetabs.


Securetabs offer the cheap generic ED medicines. It is among their bestsellers. They offer ED drugs for as low as $0.27 per pill. With more than 20 brands of ED medicines, you can have a lot of options from this store. Because of their long list of options, low-priced medicines, and awesome customer reviews, we are giving Securetabs a rating of 5.

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