Filitra Vardenafil Review: An Unknown ED Drug from an Unreliable Manufacturer

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Brand: Filitra Vardenafil

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Fortuna Healthcare

Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom 

Filitra Vardenafil Package Image

Review and Description

Filitra Vardenafil is an ED drug that belongs to the generic Levitra group. This ED medicine contains Vardenafil, the same active ingredient that Levitra has. This is the formula that is responsible for controlling PDE5 and cGMP enzymes. It works by inhibiting PDE5 during sexual activity, allowing the penile muscle to stay firmer for a period of time.

Filitra Vardenafil is formulated in different dosages to give users the freedom to choose the best dose that can work for them. This is offered in 20mg Vardenafil, 40mg Vardenafil, and 60mg Vardenafil. The dosage indicates the Vardenafil strength that each tablet has. This medicine is an oral medicine and is in tablet form.

The producer of Filitra Vardenafil is Fortuna Healthcare. Fortuna Healthcare is a pharma house based in the United Kingdom. This pharmaceutical organization is a family run business owned by Adrian, Julian & Seb Bavetta. They started their business in 1995. They sell non-pharmaceutical OTC healthcare products in UK.

Fortuna Healthcare is a producer and distributor but not a manufacturer. They basically purchase their products from small pharmaceutical companies and sell it in larger markets. The location of Fortuna Healthcare is ins Northgate Business Centre in UK and they have 60 people working for them. It was not indicated as to where did they got the products they are selling like Filitra Vardenafil.

Customer Reviews

Filitra Vardenafil is sold by a small company in UK by the name of Fortuna Healthcare. This company is not a pharmaceutical company and is not a manufacturer of drugs, they basically deal with small pharmaceutical groups, buy their products and offer it to a wider market. It is unclear as to where they acquire Filitra Vardenafil or who’s making Filitra Vardenafil.

Since we have little information about Filitra Vardenafil and Fortuna Healthcare, we decided to check for customer reviews from people that might have used this ED drug. It looks like this medicine is not a popular drug and that there are not many people who used it. It is also possible that this medicine is only available in the UK, the main market of Fortuna Healthcare and its limited presence made it unpopular to ED patients.

Since we were unable to find any customer reviews for this medicine, we are assuming that it is due to its limited availability, to its ineffectiveness and to its price.

Pricing and Dosage

After seeing a website with the price of Filitra Vardenafil, we stopped assuming that it could have caused people to disregard it as an option for their ED prescription refill. A 20mg tablet of Filitra costs $1.17 or just $35 for a pack of 30.

Filitra Vardenafil is available in different dosages (20mg, 40mg, and 60mg)

Filitra Vardenafil is available in different dosages (20mg, 40mg, and 60mg). If you were given a dosage of 20mg, stick to it and use it accordingly. Do not make adjustments to your dosage because you think it is not working. Always ask for your doctor’s advice before making any decision regarding your dosage.

How to Buy Filitra Vardenafil Online

Filitra Vardenafil is not an easy ED medicine to find. This drug is sold by a small company in the UK and they admitted to just purchasing it from other small companies. It seems to us that Fortuna Healthcare is only marketing Filitra Vardenafil in the UK, hence it is hard to find online.

If you cannot find Filitra Vardenafil from your favorite online drug store, you can check other Vardenafil-based ED medicines. A great alternative for this ED drug is available in the following e-stores:

There are a lot of generic Levitra that you can find online. All you need to do is check the best online pharmacy to get it from to avoid being scammed.

How to Use

Filitra Vardenafil is an ED drug prescribed to men suffering from impotence. This is an erection dysfunction that contains Vardenafil as its active ingredient. This drug is available in tablet form and is obtainable in three different dosages. Before taking this drug, consult with your doctor first so you can have the best dosage that will work for you.

Take Filitra Vardenafil as needed. Do not take more than two tablets in a day. This is not a maintenance medicine and you should only use it if you knew that you are going to engage in a sexual activity. Take it as a whole. Do not chew it. Do not crush it. Take it with a glass of water. The best effect of this drug occurs after 30 minutes and lasts for 4 hours.


Side Effects

You would know that Filitra Vardenafil is working well for you if you are experiencing its effect as promised. However, while on this medicine, you should expect some side effects. There are minor and major side effects that users if Filitra Vardenafil (Vardenafil formula in general) can experience even if they do not have an allergic reaction to this drug.

Among the conditions to guard are chest pain, symptoms of heart attack, vision and hearing impairment, and dizziness. Some users also reported experiencing headaches and body pains. These conditions should be temporary and don’t require medication.

If these conditions persist, check with your healthcare provider.

Conclusion with Rating

Filitra Vardenafil is an ED product marketed by Fortuna Healthcare. Fortuna Healthcare is not the manufacturer of this medicine but they do sell it under their company’s logo. Fortuna Healthcare is a small company that offers different products, including OTC drugs.

This ED medicine is not a popular one. It has no customer reviews yet and it is not available in most markets. It is obtainable from selected markets only hence despite for its affordable price, it is not well-received and remains to be an unknown ED drug. For these reasons, we are giving this ED drug a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

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