Yohimbine HCl Dosage for ED

The recommended dose for Yohimbine is 8-20 mg and should be taken on demand basis when targeting erectile dysfunction. The drug can be taken thrice a day and not more. Your health stability will determine your specific dosage of the drug.

It is highly advisable that you only take prescribed supplements of Yohimbine. Versions not prescribed can attract complications or fail the efficacy tests. Never exceed the recommended dose as it may cause severe side effects. For better results, it is advisable that you take the drug for two weeks or more continuously.

When to Take Yohimbine for ED?

The use of Yohimbine will upsurge the levels of your catecholamine composed of the norepinephrine and the epinephrine that are responsible for the promotion of attentiveness in a person. In line with the above facts about the human anatomy, Yohimbine is recommended for ingestion some hours prior to retiring to bed to give time for the medicine to take effect in your bloodstream. For better uptake into your bloodstream, take Yohimbine to an empty stomach. The medication lasts for one and half hours on average before its effects disappear.

Yohimbine Dosage Timing

With a very short life span compared to other remedies for erectile dysfunction, planning is very necessary if you have to bring out the best of you with Yohimbine. The drug survives just past the hour mark. Note that you are allowed to take Yohimbine up to three times in 24 hours meaning there exists an interval of 8 hours separating the daily doses. To be active in the body, you may have to wait for an hour or so. Your schedules for the medication should always be guided by the above facts about the drug. For the best results.

Yohimbine Erectile Dysfunction Mechanism

Yohimbine is an herbal drug extracted from Yohimbe tree. Yohimbine is a remedy for erectile dysfunction in men above 18 years. The bark of Yohimbe tree has Yohimbine chemical in it hence the name. The chemical substance is extracted and a supplement made out of it that is then prescribed for the treatment of impotence.

Yohimbine Tree Bark

Yocon, Yohimbine, Yohimbe, Yohimbine hcl and Yohimbe bark are the names used to refer to the supplement. They mean one and the same thing. The medication works by allowing for the dilation the tissues around the penis to allow more blood to flow-in thus guarantee a hard erection for pleasurable sexual intercourse.

Yohimbine and l-arginine Together

L-arginine is a nitric oxide cum amino acid forerunner while Yohimbine is the chemical extract from the Central African Yohimbe tree. Both have the potential of treating impotence and there are scientific tests to support this. Studies have been done on the result of combining the two for erectile dysfunction management. The results have been promisingly positive. The combination has been found to be effective and safe for use. The name given to this combination is SX. SX is more effective than when Yohimbine or L-arginine is administered singly.


Nasutra is a male libido enhancement solution naturally formulated from several ingredients including L-arginine, horny goat weed, grape seed extract, panax ginseng and tribulus terrestris among others. It is manufactured by Nasutra LLC. The manufacturer gives the guarantee of the efficacy of the product though it is yet to be clinically tested to prove this hypothesis.

Nasutra Pack

Nasutra has the potential of boosting testosterone levels in men which in turn give them the sexual stamina desired for sexual; activity. The herbal medication is available in capsule formulation that is to be orally administered. Taking the medication is at least 3o minutes to sexual intercourse. Owing to the very fact that Nasutra has been formulated with natural ingredients, no side effect has been tagged with it so far.

Pine Pollen for ED

Pine pollen for ED treatment is one of the age-old solutions passed from one generation to the other. Pine pollen assists in boosting the testosterone levels owing to the fact that it is an androgen. The herbal medication also works to counter erectile dysfunction with arginine and superoxide dismutase. It should be noted that arginine is responsible for the production of nitric oxide that normally lines the blood vessels.

Pollen Grain

Nitric oxide excites the dilation of blood vessels to let more blood flow through them into the penile tissues thus triggering a hardened erection to permit one have pleasurable sex with the playmate. SOD, on the other hand, helps destroy free radicals in the body in the process preventing the destruction of the ever important cGMP hormones.


Yohimbine is a herbal medication indicated for erectile dysfunction treatment in men and also can be used as a weight loss therapy for both genders. The medicine has Yohimbine as the active substance, an extract from the bark of Yohimbe tree. The tree can be found naturally in parts central Africa. As a herbal medicine, it got no serious side effects associated with it. It has a short lifespan of effectiveness in the body as it lasts an average of 1.5 hours. It is for oral administration and can be taken thrice a day on doses of between 8-20 mg.

It is recommended for prescription especially when used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Non-prescribed Yohimbine for ED may be allowed in substance and may turn out to be injurious to your health. When purchasing Yohimbine, only look for credible and verifiable drug stores. You can check for the drug from our TOP rated drug stores.