Where to Buy Sildenafil Without Prescription

As you certainly know by now, Sildenafil is a drug that effectively treats erectile dysfunction, to give you the youthful solid erection you crave for. You may feel you need this drug but might not have a prescription. So, you are sitting there trying to figure out how you could purchase this holy grail without a prescription. Well, from our professional point of view that wouldn’t be such a great idea. You may ask, why is buying Sildenafil without a prescription, not a great Idea? Continue reading this article and you would understand why. Trust me, it’s all for your own safety!

How to Get Viagra Without a Doctor Prescription USA

To obtain Viagra legally in the US, you must be given a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Thus, before taking Viagra you have to consult with your doctor first. This implies that the various platforms online which offer Viagra without a doctor’s prescription are illegal in the US. Therefore, buying Viagra from an online platform in the US without a doctor’s prescription would be an illegal act. However, the situation changes if you are buying generic Viagra from the online platform not registered in the US but serving US customers. The need for Viagra prescription is determined by the law of the country where the virtual pharmacy is registered. But here you are facing another issue. You could be scammed and in most cases, you would receive a counterfeit Viagra. You may wonder what a big deal in this prescription.

Let me paint a scenario a lot of people have been through real quick; you know there are days that you feel weakness, joint pains, a headache, a high temperature, sore throat and probably a dripping nose. You head to the pharmacy to get antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, you use them and in a couple of days, you are back on your feet.

Ever wondered why some drugs require a Doctor’s prescription and some do not? Drugs that do not require a doctor’s prescription are referred to as Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs. These drugs are the common types (e.g. Aspirin) and are used to treat minor ailments such as; minor headaches, stomach upset, cough etc. On the other hand, drugs that require a doctor’s prescription are stronger than OTCs and are used to treat more major ailments like Erectile dysfunction. Hence, to ensure you have consulted a Doctor and these stronger drugs are used safely, they require a doctor’s prescription. These prescription drugs tend to be newer than OTC drugs (which have been used safely for years) and are still protected by patent preventing other companies from copying them. They are also more expensive than OTC drugs.

The abbreviation ‘Rx’ that you see in the prescription you are given or on the container of the drug prescribed is from the Latin word, recipe. Therefore, a prescription can be otherwise referred to as a Doctor’s order or recipe. Make sense, because it is this recipe that enables the pharmacy to ascertain what drug to give you that would make you better.

How to Get a Viagra Prescription

Like we stated earlier, to obtain a strong drug like Sildenafil a prescription is required to ensure it is used cautiously. You need a prescription mainly to ensure the safe use of the drug. When you consult with a licensed medical practitioner, he’d be able to ascertain based on your medical history and certain examinations, if Sildenafil is safe for you to use. It is possible, safe, and absolutely legal to obtain a Sildenafil prescription online, as long as the website’s medical practitioner is licensed and you follow our safety tips religiously.

Sildenafil Viagra 100mg Pill

Below are tips to ensure your safety:

• Go through our top list of recommended pharmacies.

• Beware of websites that offer Viagra without prescription as it is illegal.

• Use websites that provide contact information which allows you talk to an agent in the event of inquisitions or complaints.

• Use websites that require a prescription for Viagra from your doctor or from another healthcare professional who is licensed to prescribe medicines.

• Beware of websites that offer prices that are dramatically lower than the competition.

• Beware of websites that do not protect your personal information.

• Make sure the website has licensed pharmacists that could answer your questions.

Certain websites offer online consultation. In most cases, you are asked to fill a medical questionnaire that allows the Doctor know your medical history. He is then able to determine if using Sildenafil would be safe and appropriate for you. If it is safe and appropriate for you, he writes a prescription, and your drug is shipped over to you.

Check out how the questionnaire looks;

Medical Questionnaire

When you see websites that offer Sildenafil without prescription, do well to ignore them. The internet consists of a lot of fraudsters and scammers. Sildenafil that is offered online without prescription is counterfeit; it may contain the wrong active ingredients that could make you very ill.

Cheapest Viagra Online Prescription Cost

Prescription costs vary from website to website. Some websites, after filling the health questionnaire, and Sildenafil is considered appropriate for you, a prescription is issued for free, and passed to their pharmacy for dispensing. This is after you must have paid for purchasing the drug. In my opinion, this is a smart way of hiding their consultation and service fee. If it is discovered that Sildenafil is not appropriate for you, then you’d get a refund. While many other websites calculate everything together, that is; the drug, consultation and service fee.

Cost of Obtaining Sildenafil with Prescription Online

The above screenshot depicts an example of the cost of obtaining Sildenafil with prescription online. Note that they may vary from website to website. However, this shows a reasonable price range that you could bear in mind.


Sildenafil is an effective and safe drug in treating erectile dysfunction in men. It gives you the strong and rigid erection craved for. However, bear in mind that you need a prescription to get the original Sildenafil. Getting Sildenafil without prescription could compromise your safety health-wise and financial-wise. As obtaining this drug without a prescription is illegal, you are not protected when you get it without prescription you end up receiving a counterfeit.

For your total safety, do ensure you check out our top list of recommended pharmacies.