Topical Finasteride

Most patients still have some resentment about taking finasteride because of the side effects. Although there is no doubt that it can treat hair loss in men, very few patients are willing to try the drug. One of the side effects of taking finasteride is the loss of interest in sex. About 6 years ago the number of patients who took finasteride was on the increase but recently, the number has dropped drastically.

On the other hand, Topical finasteride is an upgrade and there is a lesser chance of any side effect after using the drug. This drug is used to treat patients suffering from male pattern hair loss (MPH) with little or no side effects. Topical finasteride is applied directly to your scalp, unlike finasteride that is in form of a pill and taken orally. It is seen as a maintenance drug.

One of the active ingredient used in the production of topical finasteride silicone particles. They are attached to the liposomes formulation. The amount of serum used in the production of topical finasteride was reduced by 94 percent. The oral form of the drug has more of serum. Topical finasteride is absorbed slowly but the result is impressive and commendable.

However, topical finasteride is relatively new and very few companies are producing it. Beware of fraudsters on the internet who defraud patients of their hard-earned money. We have a list of reliable and credible online pharmacies that sell topical finasteride. Their prices are affordable and they will deliver same to you discreetly. They also have certified doctors who you can consult and find out how to apply it. Please, it is safer to use this drug as prescribed by your doctor. This will lessen any side effect that may occur.

Topical Finasteride Side Effects

Because of the sour taste finasteride has left in the mouth of many patients, it is expected that topical finasteride will have similar side effects. That is not the case as topical finasteride seems to be the best hair loss treatment available.
All the clinical trials carried out by 52 patients were encouraging. These trials were done within a period of 6 months and the result was positive. They regained the growth of their hair with little or no side effects. The area of their scalp that experienced baldness regained the growth of hair.

Serial Products of Topical Finasteride

The truth is that topical finasteride has not recorded any known side effect compared to the oral form. Oral finasteride recorded severe side effects which resulted in a patient suffering from headaches, rash, weakness, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, and gynecomastia. The side effect that broke the camel’s back was a loss of interest in sex and few men experienced a drop in the amount of semen they release during ejaculation.

It was as a result of these life-threatening side effects that gave rise to topical finasteride. Although topical finasteride has not recorded severe side effects, if you notice any please consult your doctor. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

How to Make Topical Finasteride

Topical finasteride is not readily available at the moment but most people are taking it upon themselves to manufacture homemade topical finasteride. We strongly advise that any content you read concerning how to make topical finasteride has not been proven to work.
The internet is a place where you find series of information both good and bad true and false. Some of the ingredients used to prepare a homemade topical finasteride have been listed to include finasteride, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cocamide potassium sorbate, water and hydrochloric acid.

 Oral finasteride

Very few companies manufacture topical finasteride. The oral finasteride is more common and it can be bought from most online pharmacies. Any attempt to produce a topical finasteride yourself may be fruitless. Topical finasteride has not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. How then can someone effectively produce a topical finasteride by him or herself? It is better to buy from a manufacturer who can be held liable in the event of any problem.

Topical Finasteride for Sale

Note that topical finasteride is not approved for sale by the FDA. Every drug must go through series of testing and researches by the FDA before it can be consumed. We advise that you buy pills because this form has received approval from the FDA for sale. You can check out our list of e-shops that sell generic Finasteride. They are sold at affordable prices too. You can buy a pill for as low as $0.50. However, a pill for other brands can also go for $2.02.

Generic Finasteride Prices


Topical finasteride is not approved by Food and Drug Administration. Anyone who is using any topical finasteride product is doing so off-label. Before a drug can get an approval, it requires series of test and trial that will require some funds. Presently, you can buy topical finasteride in Canada and some part of Europe. Pregnant women should not have any contact with this drug directly or indirectly. A pregnant woman needs to exercise a lot of caution from any contact with this drug.

Finasteride is not an entirely new drug; the only difference is the method of application. Topical finasteride may not expose your system to adverse effects compared to the oral finasteride. The only handicap that topical finasteride has is that the FDA has not approved its use.

The main reason behind finasteride is to assist patients who could tolerate the oral finasteride but need a remedy to their hair loss. Also, the side effects associated with using oral finasteride inspired the production of topical finasteride. Your doctor’s advice remains paramount and should not be thrown in the dustbin. They are professionals and know better. They will advise you on the efficacy of topical finasteride and how to use it effectively. Don’t hesitate to let your doctor know of your medical history. This will serve as a guide on how to administer the drug.

Keep it away from children. Store at a room temperature. Beware of fraudsters who want to make quick money. They may present a fake and expired to you as topical finasteride. Take a look at our list of online pharmacies, they sell original products. They can deliver the product to you no matter your location.