How to Obtain Sildenafil Online Prescription

Sildenafil is an erectile remedy medication designed for men. Men who are erectile dysfunction patients may visit a general practitioner for a prescription. Men who got an introvert personality may find talking to a general practitioner daunting. If you are in this category, all is not lost as you can hide behind your screen while sourcing Sildenafil prescription. You can still chat with an online medical practitioner and answer a few questions. This process is known as the online prescription.

Sildenafil being a strong drug requires a prescription as a prerequisite. Most online pharmaceutical platforms do give consultation services as a safety. This consultation also is carried to ascertain that the listed contraindications are adhered to.

Where to Buy Sildenafil Over the Counter

Sildenafil medication is a prescription only drug at the moment. Most men find it convenient if they could work in a pharmacy and buy sildenafil like Panadol drugs and aspirin because of fear of stigmatization. Pfizer, the company manufacturing brand Viagra has been petitioning the UK authorizes and the EU to allow over the counter Viagra for close to 10 years.

The breakthrough has come. As from 2018 Viagra and its generics will be available in the UK as OTC drugs. This makes the UK the first country to allow OTC Sildenafil. If the results from the UK will be positive, chances are that most other countries may follow suit. Up and till then, kindly stick to your doctor’s guidance. Where you want to purchase sildenafil online, strictly do so with reputable and credible online pharmaceutical drug stores.

How to Get a Prescription for Viagra Without Seeing A Doctor

Viagra has Sildenafil as its active ingredient. It, therefore, remains a prescription-only drug just like any other sildenafil drug. This means a doctor’s prescription is a must for you to buy Viagra. The main reason behind this draconian measure is the fact that, Viagra is a strong drug that can cause severe side effects if consumed carelessly. Note that there are contraindications to this medication. You are not for instance supposed to take Viagra alongside nitrates, alcohol and other depressants.

Viagra Blue Pills

Your doctor will also be instrumental to ascertain if you are safe to take Viagra with your medical conditions if any. However, as from 2018, UK citizens might act as a pilot country for over the counter Viagra. This is after, Pfizer’s prayers were accepted after a decade-long fight.

In the meantime though, those clients who feel embarrassed to see their doctor can opt for the online prescription where he will go through an online consultation carried by a medic to ascertain the safety of the prescription with the patient. This form of prescription requires honesty. Honest responses to the doctor’s queries will preserve your health. There are pharmaceutical shops that offer Sildenafil without the need for prescription. Much as this is convenient to you, take extra caution to consult with your doctor for guidance.

Online Doctor Prescription for Viagra

As stated above, Viagra can be prescribed online after a consultation with a doctor. This is a convenient method for men with an introvert personality. Those who feel embarrassed with getting a prescription from a general practitioner. They see stigma from far. The process begins with an assessment of your health Vis a Vis the use of Viagra. If in the doctor’s judgment you are safe with Viagra’s use, you are sent an electronic form of prescription which you can present to a pharmacy to be allowed to purchase Viagra. Note that a service charge is attached to the consultation. Sometimes it will cost you about $20 and in some places, you can even get a complimentary consultation.

Revatio Online Prescription

Revatio is a generic sildenafil medication indicated for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension in both men and women. Revatio is available as a prescription drug whose purchase, dispensing and use must be guided by a physician. Revatio just like Viagra for erectile dysfunction can be prescribed either by a general practitioner or through an online assessment.

Revatio Sildenafil 20mg

The assessment comes in form of an online consultation with a qualified doctor who will seek to know your body’s stability with the use of Revatio. If by any chance you are under other drugs of the family nitrates, you may be advised against Revatio use. Other contraindications will include acute kidney medical disorders and acute heart attacks vulnerability. Once you pass this test, your online prescription will be delivered to you via electronic means. This process comes at a cost.

Viagra Prescription Cost

Whoever pays the consultant gets pretty much what they want to hear. Online consultations will cost you just as the traditional one. Most online services offer the service quite fairly. On average, the cost is mo more than $20. The goodness of the online version of prescription is that it comes with a place and time convenience. All you need is a smartphone, a computer, and a good network connection. Once you fill an online phone a licensed doctor will engage you via a phone call. It saves you time and travel costs involved when you go the traditional way. Once assessed and billed, the prescription form is sent to you electronically. Note that you will not be charged until the consultation is deemed successful.

Non-Prescription Revatio

Revatio is indicated for prescription. This is a drug that has an impact on your anatomy and a strong one too, meaning that a careless consumption may lead to medical complications. Revatio should strictly be taken for the reasons indicated and as directed by a qualified medical practitioner. Note that Revatio has sildenafil as its active substance and is generic to brand Viagra.

Beware of scam sites that offer non-prescription Revatio as they may be selling counterfeits that may be injurious to your health. It is always advisable to order Revatio from top rated, credible and verifiable online stores that dispense the drug upon confirmation of the prescription.

How to Get Viagra Sample

You can actually get yourself a pack of free Viagra in various ways. One of this being through your doctor. Most doctors in their knowledge and urge to solve a medical condition can give you some free samples of Viagra after an assessment. Some doctors are sponsored by the companies that manufacture Viagra as a way of promoting their drugs through the doctor’s patients.

Viagra Free Pills Offer

Another avenue where one could get free samples of Viagra is on the website of Pfizer. Once you log in, you will be required to fill a questionnaire after which 3 pills are awarded to you for free. This is in the hope that they will your loyalty. On your second return, you will get a 30% of discount on your orders after which normal prices apply. This option only serves the US and Puerto Rico citizens. Some generic online stockists have mirrored what Pfizer is doing by giving free samples to first clients. However, caution should be taken as some of these stores give you high quality for samples and low quality when you return.


Sildenafil is indicated for alleviating erectile dysfunction in men. It is the active ingredient in most erectile dysfunction brands and cardiovascular disorders. It’s provided for prescription. This, therefore, means, one has to obtain a note from the doctor before purchase whether from the traditional stores or from the online drugstores. The online prescription is the most convenient and less costly way to get a permit to purchase sildenafil.

Online prescription cost applies to an average of $20 from most online prescription service providers. This process involves a consultation where the patient fills a form before he is called by a doctor via a phone. The process ends with the patient being sent an electronic version of the prescription if deemed fit for the drug. Remember to order only from top rated, verifiable drugstores whose credibility is not in question. Note that there are pharma shops that sell Sildenafil without prescription. It’s always wise to consult a medic before you order from such Pharmas.