Finasteride Reviews: Find Out What Customers Are Thinking About Finasteride Results

Propecia (Finasteride) pill has become increasingly popular over the last few years. This is associated mostly with its availability and affordability especially when compared with laser devices, hair restoration surgeries and products with little or no clinical backing to support their claims of preventing hair loss in male patients. Though relatively inexpensive in comparison to other hair loss therapy, the manufacturer does not compromise the quality of this pill to account for its low cost.

The ease of purchase and use also attracted customers to purchase Finasteride pill since it can be purchased conveniently from online pharmacy vendors. However, care must be taken when purchasing online as low-quality pills may be sold to replace the original and some users who buy online for the sake of convenience often fall victim and end up with complaints that the medication did not work as they had expected even after long-term use or that some of these online vendors do not even send out the requested medication even after the payment is made.

In order to ensure you get the best experience from using Finasteride, it is important to carry out a thorough research on the internet before attempting to order online and to make good use of reviews from users who have bought this medication so that the risk associated with purchasing low quality or counterfeit Finasteride medication is reduced.

Finasteride Hair Loss Results: Propecia Reviews 2017

The American pharmaceutical company, Merck, gained approval for the 1mg Finasteride, popularly referred to as Propecia, from the United States Food And Drug Administration in 1997 as the first Male Pattern Baldness therapy. The Finasteride 1mg tablets are usually taken once a day and are made for oral use. It is also available in other doses. However, all formulations contain Finasteride as the main active ingredient.

When taken, Finasteride 1mg showed improvement in preventing hair loss and even contributes to regrowth after long-term use. In general, daily use for a period of 3 months is required for results to be seen. All prospective users are usually faced with the question: Does the Finasteride 1mg work? Better answers to this question are provided by previous customers who have used this medication and left reviews to the benefit of all. The screenshots below provide a few such customer reviews.

Finasteride Feedback

Rafa has been using Finasteride for over 10 years to date and comments that he has not experienced any side effect with continuous use and even when his doctor checks his liver functions no irregularities were reported. He also states that this medication mainly prevented hair loss and maintained the amount of hair he had without observing any regrowth.

Finasteride Testimonial

Paul, another satisfied Finasteride user states that when he started using this medication and for over 10 years of regular use, he did not experience any side effects and his hair thinning was completely reversed.

Patient Reviews

However, not all reviews of the Finasteride 1mg for Men’s Pattern Baldness were positive. Dave was not satisfied with this medication after having taken this drug for over a year. He did not complain of any side effects when he used this pill but his hair thinning did not go away, and he even noticed hair loss occurred more frequently than before.

Finasteride Reviews Side Effects

Finasteride is widely used in the treatment of MPB, and even though there are a good number of positive reviews, prospective customers often wonder if taking this medication would result in side effects. A few known side effects associated with the use of Finasteride may include a variety of sexual problems such as decreased libido, decrease in the amount of semen produced and erectile dysfunction. Neurological problems like depression and anxiety were also reported.

Some Finasteride reviews by past customers suggest that even after completely stopping intake of this medication, they still experienced a reduced interest in sexual activities. The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride which can lower testosterone level and ultimately decrease libido. A very severe allergic response should be reported to a qualified practitioner.

Finasteride is a men-only prescription drug that is not suitable for women and children since it may affect the genital growth of the unborn male fetus as well as cause a variety of birth defect in a pregnant female. During pregnancy, women are advised not to come in contact with this medication. These potential side effects may clear after a period of time; however, if they persist, it is best to seek the opinion of a medical practitioner immediately.

Other uncommon side effects that may result include:

• Swelling

• Dizziness

• Headaches

• Breast tenderness

• Skin rash


To avoid purchasing a low-quality Finasteride that may not work as it should and cause unwanted negative effects, it would be wise to make use of available resources online in the form of customer reviews and rating and get reliable information before purchasing Finasteride drug.

Propecia for Men’s Pattern Baldness contains Finasteride as the main active ingredient and is a better substitute for most other hair loss treatments available today. It is produced and distributed by Merck Sharp and Dohme, one of the largest and popular pharmaceutical companies in the world with an online website that has detailed prescription information and adverse effects that this medication may have on male patients.

Finasteride reviews online by customers suggest that Propecia is effective in preventing MPB, although a few negative results have been reported. To get the best value for your money and avoid potential online scam websites that do not put the health of patients first, we suggest, you consult our top list of recommended pharmacy vendors for this medication.