Fildena Super Active Side Effects: Powerful Drug with Mild Side effects

Fildena is a brand drug from Fortune Healthcare a pharmaceutical drug producer located in India. It is a very popular medication among men who are looking to treat erectile dysfunction. Although chemically manufactured medications are supposed to offer solutions, when taken incorrectly, they pose a huge threat to human health. This is the same case for Fildena Super Active which is a version of Fildena which is made available to users in the form of soft gel capsules which have the capability of getting absorbed into their bloodstream faster the normal Fildena Tablets.

The medication is available in the form of blue capsules. Each capsule will contain 100 mg of sildenafil citrate as its major component. Sildenafil citrate functions by increasing blood flow to the male sex organ. This, in turn, ensures that males gain a solid erection as blood is responsible for facilitating the achievement of an erection. Males who want to purchase and use Fildena Super Active usually are torn on whether to go ahead and purchase it or to find another solution. This is because they don’t know whether this medication will cause tough side effects which can have a negative impact on their life.

Fildena Super Active Side Effects

Fildena Super Active will not pose a threat to men’s health as long as they carefully follow the doctor’s instructions when taking the medication. This means that even though you can have access to the drug without you having a prescription, getting dosage directions from a doctor is essential in order to make sure that you eliminate the possibilities of having to deal with side effects.

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Men who overdosed ended with serious complications which include losing their ability to see, becoming deaf and priapism. This emphasizes how important it is to use Fildena super active at the correct dosage. Priapism is a condition that has already killed men’s dreams of having great sex lives.

For men who deal with side effects even after taking Fildena in the correct dosage, the side effects are very mild. In fact, these men don’t need to take any measures on the side effects because they end up rectifying themselves without any interventions. These side effects include a very mild headache, nausea, vomiting, flushing, a stuffy nose, and sometimes, some muscle ache. To stay safe, don’t ignore any side effect that is bothering you. Visit your doctor to get help if you feel that the side effect is not going away.

How to Take Fildena Super Active

This medication is made available to the user in the form of capsules. When taking your capsules, for the best results, you will need to use a glass of water to swallow them. Never crush, chew, or break these capsules prior to swallowing. If you are looking for the fastest results, avoid eating before you swallow your drug.

Fildena 100 mg

If you are a new user, start with a dosage of 50 mg. Work with a qualified health professional to determine if this dosage is perfect or whether you will need to lower or increase it. Timing is essential when taking all drugs which contain sildenafil citrate as the major component. If you do not give these medications enough time to work, you will not benefit from the drug. For that reason, always take Fildena super active an hour before you begin the sex session. Taking this medication more than once in a day is known to result in an overdose. The drug will be in a human body for a period of 22 hours. Therefore, adding another dosage on top of the already existing dosage will not work well for you. It will cause side effects.

Super Fildena Online

When looking for medications, the best places to always start your search is in online drugstores. You don’t require a prescription to buy a drug online. Also, you don’t need much money. The prices that you will find online are unbeatable by the prices available in local drugstores which usually stock brand drugs. You cannot acquire brand drugs from a local store without a drug prescription from a doctor. The price for Fildena Super active in the online stores is very cheap. The prices are as follows:

Fildena Super Active Price

At a price that ranges between $2.24 down to $1.66 per pill, every man has the ability to buy this drug. On the other hand, if instead of buying Fildena Super active you decide to buy sildenafil citrate from a local drugstore, what you will find there is brand Viagra. The minimum amount of money that you can pay for a pill of brand Viagra is $70.

Some men purchase what they think is Fildena and end up having serious adverse effects. These men usually ask themselves why this is happening to them. What they do not know is that the majority of drugstores that look real are only fake stores being masked by their design which resembles great drug stores. These stores have a reputation for delivering fake drugs. The problem is that differentiating a fake store and a real store is not easy. For this reason, we have taken our time to investigate and determine drug merchants who offer great drugs and deliver them in time. These vendors have millions of customers who buy from them. This proves their credibility. We suggest that you consider these stores as your best choices when you wish to buy drugs online.


Fildena Super active will not damage your health. It will make it better. Taking the drug will not cause heavy side effects. Instead, you will gain the ability to rock your sex life. It will increase the pleasure that you have in the bedroom and also allow you to revive the joy in your intimate relationships. However, for this to be achieved, you need to take a genuine drug. Pharmacies are waiting to sell fake drugs to unsuspecting customers. Keep off drugstores that you don’t know of. Instead, use stores that have a proven history of delivering real drugs and without delaying. These are the stores that we have on your top-rated catalog of medical sellers.