Fildena Side Effects: Signs You Should See Your Doctor

Fildena is a prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction which occurs as a result of aging and other physical factors. Erectile dysfunction is commonly known as ‘ED’, it is a term that defines the inability of a man to sustain a hard erection suitable for sexual intercourse, it usually has adverse effects on a man’s sexual life and in some cases, it affects his relationships too. ED has been an issue for men in general for a long time; it affects men of all colors and sizes.

Most times, erectile dysfunction has a direct relationship with aging but in some cases, it goes beyond age, studies have shown that a greater percentage of the population of ED patients are over the age of 40. Sometimes underlying health conditions like heart diseases, high cholesterol in the body, obesity and diabetes can result in erectile dysfunction, ED can also be a result of underlying psychological issues. Use of certain medications like antihistamines, diuretics, antidepressants can also cause erectile dysfunction because it is a side effect of such drugs, it is best to consider the cause of ED in a man so as to know which method of treatment will best suit him.

Fildena is a generic version of Viagra; it contains an active ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil Citrate was first developed by Pfizer and marketed with the brand name ‘Viagra’, Sildenafil Citrate is often generally referred to as ‘Sildenafil’ denoting a general name for all generic drugs containing Sildenafil Citrate as their active ingredient. The questions we will consider now are: How do you use Fildena in order to minimize side effects?

How to Take Fildena

The manner in which we use our medications determine quite a lot like maximizing the potency of the drug and minimizing its side effects, hence we have to consult doctors especially before using a prescription drug. The best way to take a pill of Fildena is with a glass of water, with or without a meal. Although it is expected that you eat healthy before engaging in sexual exercise because a lot of energy is burned in the process of having sex, one food to avoid is food with high-fat content. Generally, fatty food isn’t exactly great for the body, in the case of Fildena as with most ED medications, it has the capacity to slow down the effect of the drug and can even render it of none effect.

Taking Your Fildena
Taking Your Fildena

Alcohol should be avoided when taking Fildena, because alcoholic beverages also have a relaxing effect on blood vessels in the body, if alcohol is taken with Fildena, it could lead to hypotension and lightheadedness and subsequently, fainting. Grapefruit juice or anything containing it as such must also be avoided when taking Fildena because it leads to retention of the drug in the body i.e. the length of time it takes for the drug to be excreted is elongated, hence it stays for a longer period in the body which can prove to be dangerous for a patient. Nitrate is a substance that relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure, Fildena and other Sildenafil drugs also have the same effect, thus using both drugs at once can be very dangerous, in fact, they must not be used together. Alpha blockers and –Azole drugs should also be avoided when using Fildena.

Is Fildena Safe?

The safest way to use any medication is to follow medical advice, it is the safest you can have any drug, more so, prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are so called because they must be prescribed to a patient before they can be used i.e. they usually are not available over the counter. Drugs like Fildena require a doctor’s prescription before they can be used. Sometimes, a patient using Fildena or any drug containing Sildenafil might even require monitoring while using the drug to ensure his/her safety.

Fildena Reviews

The usual starting dose for Fildena is 50mg which is followed by a maintenance dose that is determined by the patient’s response to the initial dose. The 50mg dose might be increased or decreased according to the patient’s response. The drug strength might determine its effects and side effects, notwithstanding, a 100mg dose must not be exceeded in a 24-hour period as directed by your doctor. Fildena is best at action when it is taken 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to sexual exercise.

Fildena 100 Side Effects

Side effects of all medications containing Sildenafil Citrate as their active pharmaceutical ingredient including Fildena have the same side effects. Side effects of Fildena only vary with patients but they are generally the same. Common side effects of Fildena include flushing, headaches, runny nose, blurred vision, dyspepsia, light sensitivity among others. Less common side effects of Sildenafil include epistaxis, indigestion, insomnia, bladder pain, dizziness, nasal congestion, etc. Using Fildena as indicated by your doctor, you can also use the patient information leaflet for more information.


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