Fildena Dosage

Fortune health care pharmaceutical company has ensured that every man who needs to use Fildena as a remedy for erectile dysfunction is well catered for by providing different dosages which range from 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, and 150mg.

The doses are administered in regards to the following factors:

  • Your health: The doctor will determine your dose after getting your past medical history so that he can establish if there is any sickness that may restrict you from taking a higher dose or even taking any dose. If you are medically okay, the initial dose is usually 50mg which could be increased to either 100 mg or 150 mg, or, reduced to 25mg if the 50 mg is too strong for you.
  • Age: A man who is more advanced in age will most likely use a lower dose than a person who is younger. This is because the metabolic rate of an elder man is slower and will, therefore, delay in excretion of Fildena which may lead to more side effects.
  • Past reactions with the drug: If in the past you took a higher dose and suffered priapism or any other severe side effects, the doctor will definitely recommend the lowest possible dose.
  • Other drugs you may be taking: Fildena dose can also be determined by any other drug you are taking that may interact with Fildena. To prevent severe reactions, you may be given a lower dose of Fildena.

Only one tablet of the prescribed dose should be taken one hour before having sex with a sufficient amount of water. The tablet should not be broken or crushed but swallowed as it is. Even when you do not get an erection, do not take a repeat dose on the same day. Inform your doctor who will either advice you to take the same dose the following day or advise you to raise the dose after twenty-four hours.

Fildena 50 Reviews

A lot of positive feedback concerning Fildena 50mg is all over the internet with customers saying that it is the best and cheapest alternative to the brand Viagra. Pedro Burns says that if any man is considering switching from the use of brand Viagra to the generic form, the first choice should be Fildena 50mg. He says the working of the pill is uncompromised and the price is very affordable. Lloyd Larkin is also of the same opinion and says that after changing from Viagra to Fildena, he felt the same effect and was glad to pay 60% less than what he used to pay for the drugs. Both men were glad that they could now pay less for a drug containing a similar active ingredient as the expensive drug.

Fildena 50 Customer Experience

Men like Jacob Alaimo are happy that after years of frustrations, they can now enjoy passionate lovemaking without the fear of losing the erection prematurely. With such views, you will be sure that what you are buying will work as desired and the severe erectile dysfunction that has been bothering you for a long time or one that just kicked in will no longer be an issue in your relationship.

Fildena India Drug Interactions

On your visit to the doctor, be open and inform him of every drug you are currently taking or if you were under any drug in the recent past. Fildena may interrupt the working of some drug or make some negative reactions occur if used together with drugs such as:

  • Nitrates: the use of Fildena when you are taking angina drugs may result in a sudden drop in blood pressure which may make you lose consciousness.
  • Protease inhibitors: these are used in treating HIV infections; your doctor could recommend that you use the smallest dose to keep the interactions as minimal as possible.
  • Alpha-blockers: these are either used to treat hypertension or an enlarged prostate. Mixing these drugs at the same time with Fildena may lead to hypotension that could cause you to experience severe dizziness.
  • Other drugs that may react when used with Fildena are macrolide antibiotic drugs like clarithromycin and erythromycin. This drug interferes with the working of the enzyme that facilitates the metabolism of Fildena raising its concentration increase to dangerous levels. This may lead to severe side effects.

Fildena 25mg Online Price

When buying Fildena online, do not just get attracted to how low the price at a certain site is. Conduct some background search to ensure that the site deals with legal drug and has a record of delivering what the customers order from them.

Online Fildena 25mg price

A pack of thirty Fildena pills will be sold to you at $43.50 which on average is $1.45 for every pill. As you can see from the table above the price keeps getting lower with the bigger packages. If you have tested and proved that Fildena 25 mg works well for you, it would be wise to buy in bulk so that you enjoy the great discounts.


Fildena dose should only be taken after a thorough medical examination by your doctor, whether face to face or an online doctor. If you are keen to follow the entire doctor’s advise you to do while taking Fildena like avoiding fatty foods, alcohol or even grapefruits, you will feel the working of Fildena in thirty minutes. Avoid taking macrolide antibiotics that increase the concentration of Fildena in the blood. If you must use an antibiotic, the doctor will suggest a drug that will not interact with Fildena. When buying Fildena online take precautions so that you do not buy fake drugs. You can check our list of Top Online Pharmacies where only credible stores are listed that will sell original Fildena drugs, not counterfeit.