Tadalista – One of the Most Popular Generic Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Tadalista, a generic drug version for Cialis, is currently one of the most sought-after generic erectile dysfunction treatments on the web. This drug contains the active ingredient Tadalafil, one PDE5 inhibitor drug or a product effective in helping male patients regain their lost virility.

Albeit the effectiveness of Cialis, the brand name Tadalafil treatment is unparalleled, buyers still look for alternatives to the product due to its exorbitant pricing. Indian companies like Tadalista’s manufacturer, Fortune Healthcare, were eager to develop their own versions of Cialis to help consumers afford their impotence treatment drugs.

Tadalista India Information

Tadalista is called a generic alternative to Cialis since it contains the same identical active ingredient Tadalafil, which is effective in the management of impotence. How does Tadalafil work? Tadalafil, the active ingredient of the drug Tadalista is classified as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor drug, which acts upon the phosphodiesterase enzyme found in key tissues of the body, like the penis, for instance.

As a potent inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, Tadalafil prevents the immediate degradation of the compound cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), a compound which maintains the hardness or stiffness of erections in males. Since Tadalafil in Tadalista is able to suppress the destructive action of the PDE5 enzyme, patients are able to successfully perform their sexual activities because the appropriate penis rigidity is maintained.

Tadalista – One of the Most Popular Generic Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
Tadalista 20mg Fortune Health Care

Tadalista, like the brand name Cialis, is available in several dosage forms and can be taken once a day or only as needed. Since the drug Tadalafil in Tadalista can last up to 36 hours in the patients, males can enjoy their sexual activities with fewer time concerns. The daily dose of Tadalista can allow for a more natural sexual function, while the as needed dose of the drug can help the patients enjoy sexual activity without thinking about the expiry of the drug’s potency in their body.

Fortune Health Care is the company where Tadalista came from. This company is one with a history dating back to 1986—Fortune Health Care started in India decades ago, manufacturing cost-effective generic products with the same high quality as their brand name counterparts. The affordable yet reliable product outputs of Fortune Healthcare aren’t at all surprising, considering the company’s mission statement is all about providing the consumers the “best quality medicines at lowest prices”—something uncommon to pharmaceutical companies these days.

Concerning accreditations, the company Fortune Health Care has the coveted ISO 9001:2000 for quality, WHO GMP for its facilities, and also has the Indian FDA seal for its products. Fortune Health Care, through the years, has also earned approvals from various countries, giving it the license to market its products Asian countries like Vietnam and the Philippines. These countries benefit from Fortune Health Care’s wide range of products involving medicines for impotence treatments, antibacterial products, cardiovascular meds, antibiotics, and even veterinary medicines.

Does Tadalista Work? How is it different from Cialis or Viagra?

Given the potent active content of the drug Tadalista, we can safely assume that the drug Tadalista is as effective as its brand counterpart. Cialis, from the company Eli Lilly, has the same active content Tadalafil effective in bringing about the proper erectile function in males.

It is normal to compare Tadalista with the existing brand name treatments for erectile dysfunction, like Cialis and Viagra, and it is also common to ask about the differences in Cialis, Viagra, and Tadalista. Here are some points you may need to consider regarding these three drugs:

  • Cialis and Tadalista are both Tadalafil-containing products. Viagra, on the other hand, contains a different active ingredient (with the same outcome) called Sildenafil Citrate.
  • Viagra is the pioneer erectile dysfunction drug in the market. It was created in 1998 and Cialis followed suit in 2003. Tadalista, on the other hand, like the other generic impotence treatments, came at a much later time.
  • Since Cialis and Tadalista have the same active content, they have the same duration in the body. Cialis and Tadalista are known to last in the body for as long as 36 hours. Viagra’s effect, however, only lasts for 4 hours.
  • Cialis 10 mg – Eli Lilly and Company

    Despite the differences in active content, these three drugs belong to the same drug family and are all called PDE5i or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor drugs.

  • Cialis and Tadalista can be taken on a daily basis or on an on-demand regimen. Viagra though should only be taken as needed—it does not have a daily dose.
  • Given the length of Tadalafil’s duration in the body, patients can have fewer time concerns using the drug.
  • In spite of the long effect in the patients using Cialis and Tadalista, some patients may find the medicines slow to take effect (1-2 hours or more); in this regard, Viagra is more advantageous since its onset is only at least 30 minutes after ingestion and usually faster when taken on an empty stomach.
  • All three medicines have the same disease interactions: liver disease, kidney failure, cancers, chronic hypotension, uncontrolled hypertension, AIDS/HIV, and several others more.
  • As for drug interactions, the medicines Tadalista, Cialis, and Viagra interact with the same drug groups. These medicines have notable interactions with medicines such as hypotensive medicines, nitrates, AIDS/HIV medicines, protease inhibitors, alpha blockers, and plenty more drug groups.

The medicines Tadalista, Cialis, and Viagra are similar in nature since they all come from the same drug family. Tadalista and Cialis are nearly the same because of their identical active ingredients. Nevertheless, Tadalista and Cialis have a large discrepancy between them in terms of price, since Cialis is utterly expensive, whilst Tadalista is affordable and designed to be budget-friendly.

Tadalista 20 Side Effects

It is somehow expected of medicines to yield side effects and the drug Tadalista is no exception to side effects since it contains the active ingredient Tadalafil. Tadalafil drugs are notorious for the following side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain
  • Myalgia
  • Skin flushing

These side effects are usually transient and recede in 48 hours. However, if these side effects last longer, make sure to consult your doctor for sound advice—he can recommend symptom-mitigating drugs so you can continue using Tadalista or any Tadalafil drug without any side effects.

Not all patients using Tadalafil drug will come to experience these side effects. Nonetheless, in some cases, a handful of patients may also experience rare side effects such as the following:

  • Prolonged and painful penis erection
  • Irritated eyes and mucosa
  • Slow speech
  • Severe headache
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Joint pain
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the face or extremities

We were unable to list all symptoms for Tadalista so if you think something is out of the blue whilst using the drug, reach out to your doctor immediately.

Tadalista 20 Review by Previous Patients

Customer reviews for Tadalista proved difficult to find; however, in lieu of actual buyer testimonials for the drug, we’ve taken into consideration generic Cialis/Tadalafil reviews from buyers, since Tadalista is also a generic Cialis/Tadalafil drug:

Cialis Review

Woodman145 rated the generic Tadalafil drug he tried 10.0 out of 10.0 points. According to him, he switched to the generic alternatives so he can maximize his savings, and also encouraged consumers to choose generic drugs for more savings.

Another buyer, TadHappy, also persuaded consumers to consider the use of generic Tadalafil alternatives so they can save on their erectile dysfunction treatments. According to him, buyers should be bold to ask their doctors for generic prescriptions to help them save. This patient attests to the efficacy of generic Tadalafil and even urged other patients with ED to not be afraid of generic treatments.

Victor M also mentioned using generic Tadalafil because of the huge price savings. He even mentioned that he sources his Tadalafil stash from India where Tadalafil is utterly cheap.

How to Buy Tadalista Online

Tadalista is available online and is sold at consumer-friendly prices. Here are some of the price examples available for the drug Tadalista on the web:

Tadalista 20 mg Price

This online price for Tadalista above presents that the minimum purchase amount for Tadalista at one online pharmacy is $28 for 50 pills, which places a per pill price of $0.56 for the drug. The lowest per tablet price for Tadalista at this same online pharmacy is a meager $0.27 per tablet—one of the cheapest prices for Tadalista online.

Tadalista 20 mg Price Online

Other shops, though offer a more “average” pricing for Tadalista—at $0.70 per pill to $1.50 per pill. If you need recommendations for online pharmacies with good prices for Tadalista and guaranteed deliveries, it is wise to try our list of Top online drugstores for the present year.


Tadalista is an excellent generic alternative to Cialis, as it is effective and also cost-effective for the patients. It is similar to Cialis in terms of active ingredient and overall effect but only differs from the brand name drug in terms of price. You can purchase Tadalista locally in India, but the bulk of this drug’s sale is made online. Whenever purchasing Tadalista online, you have to make sure to deal with legitimate online drugstores—do your research first before proceeding to purchase Tadalista at online pharmacies, or just use the web drugstores included on our list of Top Vendors.