Viagra Samples – Where Can I Get Viagra Pills for Free?

Viagra samples are probably almost every impotence patient’s dream. Given the expensive price of Viagra at local drugstores, consumers are often finding themselves getting broke due to this drug’s high cost and constantly searching for ways to save in drug cost.

The search for Viagra samples is a constant in patients—most of them try to look for freebie pills from their doctors and local pharmacies—but can they really get Viagra samples for free, no strings attached?

Viagra Samples – Where Can I Get Viagra Pills for Free?
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First, What Is Viagra?

Before we discuss free Viagra samples, let us first define Viagra. This drug is one of the most famous and most successful medicines by the company Pfizer, raking the company billions of dollars in revenue since 1998. Viagra is meant for erectile dysfunction, a condition where males are unable to instigate stiff erections or maintain the erections so they are sufficient enough for penetration. This condition requires patients to use devices or medicines like Viagra to help improve erectile function.

Viagra is called a phosphodiesterase inhibitor drug. This drug acts on the blood vessels and smooth muscles in the penis tissues; the active ingredient in Viagra, Sildenafil Citrate, commands the smooth muscles to relax to increase blood flow to the penis area. This allows for the better infilling of the tissues of the penis and encourages stiffer, sturdier erections in the patients.

Pfizer Viagra 100 mg Pills

Viagra, the renowned drug is developed by Pfizer in 1998 and still remains the gold standard for erectile dysfunction treatment in the patients. It is Viagra that set the stage for revolutionary impotence treatments—those less invasive, less embarrassing, but with maximum effect.

Here are other Viagra facts you need to know:

  • Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Prescription status: RX or prescription-only
  • Available dose strengths: 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg
  • Recommended dosage: 25 to 100 mg depending on the impotence severity
  • Available delivery forms: film-coated tablets, chewable tablets
  • Intake instruction: 30-60 minutes before intercourse
  • Duration in the body: 4 hours average (may be more or less)
  • Onset: 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes less when taken in without food
  • Contraindications: heart disease, liver disease, kidney disorders, metabolic disorders, and other diseases; patients with recent stroke, heart failure, heart attack, or any life-threatening medical condition during the past few months
  • Drug interactions: aspirin, nitrate medicines, antibiotics, antifungal products, medicines for special diseases, heart medications, blood pressure mitigating medicines, and other impotence treatments
  • Common side effects: headaches, dizziness, blue vision, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, and facial flushing

Viagra is generally well-tolerated and highly effective in the patients. However, this product is often too expensive to afford by the consumers; imagine, the local drugstores sell this product for at least $66 per pill, and that’s already the discounted price for this product. Because of the high cost of this medicine, consumers are often in search for replacements for this drug, or ways to mitigate their expenses when it comes to the purchase of this medication.

Online Pharmacy Free Viagra Samples

As for free Viagra samples, buyers can still be able to get freebie pills, although not from local pharmacies or Viagra’s website. Here are several ways to get your free Viagra pills:

  • Talk to your urologist – some doctors receive Viagra samples that they can share with their patients; you can try asking them nicely for free sample Viagra pills before making any major purchase of the brand medicine
  • Purchase meds at online pharmacies – several online drugstores are known to offer complimentary pills when you reach a certain order amount
  • Look for websites with offers of absolutely free pills – believe it or not, some online pharmacies are capable of offering no strings attached, no-nonsense, no scam freebie pills to interested buyers; consumers are only asked to pay for the shipping fee because naturally, shipping isn’t free
Free Viagra, Cialis, and Viagra Soft Samples

You can find online drugstores with offers of free Cialis, Viagra, and Viagra Soft samples available. However, these stores only provide the consumers with generic counterparts—buyers can’t expect brand Viagra samples from these websites. Nevertheless, generic alternatives to the brand erectile dysfunction work as good as the brand name ones since they contain identical active ingredients.

As you can see in the image above, consumers can choose 10 freebies Cialis 20 mg, Viagra 100 mg, or Viagra Soft Pills 100 mg without prescriptions and with no added cost. However, before trying any of these products, make sure you’re approved by your physician to take these products so you can avoid having unnecessary reactions due to the intake of the products.

Check out for Free Viagra Samples

Some online drugstores even offer all 30 pills for free—I tried to do a checkout for the freebie pills and was surprised that the shop is actually giving me 30 pills for free—I was only required to pay either $29 or $39 for the shipping fee. This is great news for buyers with the need for erectile dysfunction treatments but do not have the resources to purchase the products.

Free Viagra Samples from Pfizer

Since Viagra is typically expensive, buyers are seeking ways to lower the steep price for Viagra for their purchases. Fortunately, Pfizer is offering discounts for the patients, although not the free Viagra samples the buyers are quite expecting.

Viagra Discount Card

The company Pfizer is offering 50% off the buyer purchases for the brand drug using a special card issued to patients via the manufacturer website. Consumers are advised to visit Viagra’s website to avail of this discount for their future brand Viagra purchases at local drugstores.

Viagra 50% Discount

However, despite Pfizer offering to mitigate drug costs when it comes to their local pharmacy sales, the company can only do so in selected patients. Patients without insurance and paying cash are some of the patients who are eligible for the 50% off card for Viagra.

Buyers can use the card 12 times and up to $200 maximum discount on every purchase. Buyers, though, should purchase at least 6 tablets to use the discount. Prescriptions are also required before buyers can purchase at local drugstores using this Pfizer coupon.

Free samples for consumers at Viagra’s official website, though, are currently unavailable for buyer consumption. There are discussions indicating that Pfizer formerly offered complimentary Viagra samples to interested or needy patients; however, now, this offer does not exist.

How to Get Viagra Over the Counter

Can you get Viagra over the counter? Interestingly, it’s both a yes and a no. Viagra still remains a prescription-only drug in the United States and most countries of the world; on the one hand, the United Kingdom has recently issued an approval for this drug’s prescription free dispensing at local UK drugstores.

Viagra has a new version called Viagra Connect, an over the counter version of the quintessential Viagra drug. In the United Kingdom, you can purchase this drug without any Rx to show for it, as long as the pharmacist deems you fit to take the medicine. However, the no-Rx dispensing of Viagra Connect is limited to otherwise healthy males with erectile dysfunction and not advisable for patients with other medical considerations or underlying medical conditions.

Although consumers in the UK are able to purchase the drug hassle free, the rest of the world should still wait for the launches of Viagra Connect in their respective countries.


Free Viagra samples may not always be available at local drugstores or at Viagra’s website, but there are ways you can avail of freebie pills without hassle. There are web drugstores offering free pills on your every purchase, while other websites offer to ship up to 30 sample pills for free and will require you only a minimal shipping fee. These websites ship high-quality generic medications that are as effective as the brand name treatments.

Here are some of the tips we believe are helpful in looking for online platforms to safely purchase your erectile dysfunction medicines from:

  • Online pharmacies with long histories when it comes to the sale of meds are usually reliable
  • Look for web drugstores with genuine, positive reviews for their products and performance
  • Check forum websites for their references to any online pharmacy you wish to purchase from—look for decent mentions and benign thread discussions for online drugstores
  • Verify the online pharmacy claims—check if their accreditations are real
  • Do a real-time check of a website’s response time

Although these may take time, these steps will ensure your online safety when transacting with online pharmacies. If you’re out of time, you can always use our list of reliable online drugstores, the Top Online Pharmacies list for the year—web drugstores with guaranteed deliveries and with genuine products. These stores are with verifiable reviews, are in good standing at forum sites and, are approved by various drug regulating agencies. Try these online pharmacies today—some of them are even offering freebie pills and free sample pills for interested buyers.