Buy Finasteride – With the Wide Range of Choices Available, Where Should I Get this Drug From?

Finasteride, as popularized by the drug Propecia and Proscar from Merck Sharp & Dohme, is a type-2 alpha-reductase inhibitor drug used for managing male pattern hair loss and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. Propecia and Proscar were the initial patent holders for Finasteride, but in 2014, the patent for the drug expired, causing the influx of generic alternatives to Propecia and Proscar in the market. Because of the plentiful generic options for Propecia in the market, where should the patients buy Finasteride now?

Best Place to Buy Finasteride Online

Generic Finasteride treatments are now available at local pharmacies given the patent expiry for the brand Propecia drug in 2014. However, despite the presence of generic Finasteride at local pharmacies, patients are still considering the purchase of Finasteride products at online sources due to factors like anonymity, ease of transactions, convenience, and above all, cut-rate deals.

Buy Finasteride – With the Wide Range of Choices Available, Where Should I Get this Drug From?
Propecia 1mg Tablet (Top) Generic Finasteride Tablet (Bottom)

Since the web is a tough place to shop from, there are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to searching for web sellers for your Finasteride needs:

  • Reviews are great markers of reputation. Look for shops with plenty of verifiable reviews from real customers—these reviews are usually found at 3rd party websites
  • Check the contact details of the prospective stores to gauge their responsiveness
  • Research—take a look at forum discussions involving the stores you’re planning to buy Finasteride from
  • Do small test purchases using risk-free payment methods (if you have the time or willing to take a risk)

If you do not have time for the above, you can always use curated lists of great online drugstores to shop from, like our list of TOP Online Pharmacies with reliable, excellent services.

Difference Between Propecia and Finasteride

Honestly, there is no difference between Propecia and Finasteride—Propecia is merely one brand for Finasteride, while Finasteride is the active ingredient which makes both Propecia and Proscar effective in managing hair loss and decreasing prostate size in patients.

With regards to “other Finasteride” products or the generic Finasteride treatments, there are also not many differences identifiable for the brand name Finasteride treatments and the generic treatments since they contain the same active ingredients. Generic Finasteride drugs are called “generic” versions because they are deemed identical to the brand name product—they would not be allowed to market if they have other active ingredients that are different from the ones included in the brand name treatment.

For hair loss, Finasteride works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is responsible for causing male pattern baldness in patients. Whether Propecia or generic Finasteride, men are advised to take Finasteride 1 mg products on a daily basis. Regardless of brand status, Finasteride results in hair loss take at least 6 months to show and 1-2 years to take full effect. However, Finasteride is only most effective in vertex baldness (top of the scalp); further studies are needed to ascertain this drug’s effectiveness in receding frontal hairline, entirely bald scalps, and temple region-only baldness.

Both Propecia and generic Finasteride products have the same considerations due to their similar active ingredients. These are the medical warnings issued for all Finasteride products:

  • Finasteride is only intended for adult male use—the drug is not effective in female hair loss and should not be used by male adolescents or children
  • Propecia or Finasteride should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women as the drug can cause fetal deformities and may pass through the breast milk; because of this, crushed Finasteride pills should not be handled by pregnant women
  • Men planning to father children should not use Finasteride because studies determine that Finasteride is contained in the semen of males using the drug and may affect male fertility or cause deformity in infants
  • Patients already taking Finasteride for benign prostatic hyperplasia should not take another Finasteride dose for hair loss
  • Uncommon side effects affecting 1/100 Finasteride users include: diminished libido, ejaculatory problems (decrease in semen or ejaculate), depression, and erectile dysfunction
  • Patients are advised that upon terminating the use of Finasteride use, benefits of the drug will start to reverse in 6 months and will return to baseline in about 9 months to a year.

Given the plethora of considerations for Finasteride, men should not take the drug without proper doctor’s advice.

Buy Finasteride 1mg Prices

Generic Finasteride prices from online pharmacies are still cheaper than the local pharmacy prices for the same generic products. This is because online pharmacies are able to source products directly from the countries where the generic Finasteride drugs are produced, hence fewer fees passed on to the clients. Here are some of the existing Finasteride 1mg prices online:

Propecia 1mg Prices

According to one store, Propecia 1 mg is available for $0.51 to $0.60 per pill depending on the quantity of the drug purchased by the buyers.

On the one hand, other stores are able to offer even cheaper prices for these ED products, like the store above able to give Finpecia 1 mg (a generic substitute for Propecia) for only as low as $0.36 to $0.47 per pill. The store requires an initial purchase of $42 for 90 tablets (good for 3 months).


When you buy Finasteride, you can now consider generic alternatives due to their 2014 approval for worldwide distribution. Generic and brand Finasteride are the same—they can be expected to yield the same golden results in men, as long as they are used properly. For the cheapest Finasteride products, you can consult our rundown of TOP Web Pharmacies where you can find stores with the best prices for Finasteride, plus other great deals.