Revatio Reviews

In June 2013, Viagra lost its sildenafil patent, so generic manufacturers were given licenses to produce this active chemical component of Viagra “sildenafil citrate” commonly known as sildenafil. A large number of men began using it when the drug declined in terms of pricing; most men have been able to purchase sildenafil to take care…Read More

Cenforce 100mg Package

Cenforce 100mg Reviews: Cenforce Online Reputation Portrays an Effective Generic ED Med

Generic substitutes to Pfizer’s original oral Sildenafil formulation like Cenforce 100mg have become increasingly popular in the last decade. This popularity was driven mostly by the affordability of these medications compared to the original medication. Erectile Dysfunction patients all around the world along with countless others appreciated that generic manufacturers in India and elsewhere did…Read More

Mazzogran 50 mg package

Mazzogran 100mg Reviews

Mazzogran is a product of Collins Pharmaceutical Company, India used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is a generic version of Viagra that has Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient. Mazzogran belongs to PDE5 inhibitors drug group which relieves erectile dysfunction by making the penis muscles relax to allow adequate flow of blood which…Read More